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Dry sprinklers are designed for use in areas where the sprinkler may be subjected to freezing conditions. Tyco window sprinkler fire sprinkler system window. Models bb, sd, hip, and ap specific application sprinklers for protecting attics model ws window sprinklers horizontal and pendent vertical sidewall 5. General description the tyco series rfii quick response 3mm bulb and standard response 5mm bulb, 5. Hydraulic calculations must be performed for each installation, and the automatic water supply must have the capability of supplying 1 or 2 hours of water, depending on the rating of the wall. Reliable fire sprinkler systems are built with the designer and installer in mind, helping you protect lives and property from fire in even the toughest situations. It is typically installed as part of an automatic sprinkler system sealed bulb version, or a deluge system open nozzle version to protect a surface or area from heat radiation.

Firerated, glass ceramic for up to 2hour assemblies when. The sprinkler head is available for either upright or pendent mounting and may be used with either foam or water. Tyco model ws window sprinklers was then installed in the test furnace, and the same gas flow conditions were maintained for a twohour test period. The gw window drencher is designed for horizontal installation. Tfp171 sprinkler resposta rapida tyco series tyfrb 2. The sprinkler discharges an even coat of water when activated, which cools the window to help prevent shattering in a fire event. Patterns of coverage are similar to conventional sprinkler heads. Nfpa provides similar criteria for water curtains of 3 gpm per lineal. Tyco model ws window sprinklers are the first to be specifically listed to provide complete wetting and coverage for firelite plus ws glass for windows and glazing using closed sprinklers. Dry sprinklers may be used in dry systems, where the entire area being protected is subject to freezing, and wet systems, where a small portion of the area being protected is subject to freezing. Tyco model ws and firelite plus ws product alert ahj. Passive fire protection requirements, such as the fireresistance ratings of fire partitions, fire barriers. With wider application, these sprinklers also come with a significant list of limitations outlined in the product listing. The flatplate concealed design houses the sprinkler.

No cracking or visible damage to the window was permitted during the test period, even when a hose stream was. V1001, v1003, v1005, v1007, v1009, v1011, v10 style. Exposure outside protection sprinklers are utilized to provide protection from exposure fires on the outside of buildings. As part of the sprinkler testing, the gas flow required to achieve the timetemperature relationship specified in astm e119 was established in a test furnace. If you have the pdf viewer plugin for your browser, just click on the pdf link and the document will open up in a new browser window.

Together they offer a wide range of sprinklers from which to choose when designing a standard coverage fire sprinkler system. For more information on window sprinklers and other aesthetic sprinkler solutions, visit. Provides a specific cost advantage by reducing the amount of piping required. When a window sprinkler is used with specific glass products that are alternatives to a firerated assembly, a pony wall might not be necessary. Tyco model ws and firelite plus ws product alert architects. Partially close the valve while observing the direction that the target assembly moves. The tyco model ws window sprinkler is a specific application sprinkler that is ul listed to help protect glass as an alternative to firerated glass. Firerated, safetyrated glass ceramic for use with tyco ws specific application window sprinklers firelite plus ws is a nominal 516 8 mm thick laminated glazing material listed for use in doors, sidelites, transoms and borrowed lites. Tyco fire sprinkler series tyb data sheet pdf tyco drytype fire sprinkler series ds1 data sheet pdf. Only ul tested sprinklers that can protect glazing in a wall or window and allow it to maintain its mechanical equivalent rating up to two hours.

However, the starting pressure shall be calculated based on the application rate over 25 ft 2 2. Firelite plus ws firerated glass with tyco model ws. The sprinkler head is ul listed and recognized for use in ansuls uscg approved. A window assembly protected with the tyco model ws window sprinklers was then installed in the test furnace, and the same gas flow conditions were maintained for a twohour test period. For complete information, application, detail drawings and design criteria, please refer to the tyco model ws product information document. Tyco ty3331 horizontal fire sprinkler designed for use in applications where aesthetics must be considered or where building construction makes the installation of standard pendent or upright sprinklers impractical. Model ws speci c application window sprinklers horizontal and. How a fire sprinkler works at 100,000fps the slow mo guys duration. No cracking or visible damage to the window was permitted during the test period, even when a hose stream was directed at the window. Residential control panel 1 or 112 inch dn25 or dn40, 175 psi 12,1 bar. Pendent allows installation farther away from the glass than the sidewall. View and download tyco rapid response rcp1 manual online. Lot 28 tyco 3290 fire sprinkler heads tfpph2 165 degrees.

Tyco ty3331 fire sprinkler specifications tyco fire. Make sure that open appears in the window of the housing. The following specifications must apply in order for the viking specific application window sprinkler to be used. Model ws window sprinkler frequently asked questions. Where specific application, open style nozzles are specified to be utilized to provide a water curtain over a glass window or other opening to prevent fireheat penetration, or as exposure protection from closely. Tyco model ws window sprinkler and firelite plus ws glazing can be used as an open sprinkler for outside sprinkler protection against exposure fire, using the design requirements of nfpa. These sprinklers are the first to be specifically listed to provide complete wetting and coverage for heat strength ened or tempered glass windows using. For areas where exterior spatial separation is defined as exposure protection, open window sprinklers must be installed on the exterior portion of the building. A pony wall can also be removed if a window sprinkler is used with firelite plus ws glass, a specific type of firerated glass. Tm advantages of the model ws sprinklers only automatic sprinklers available with specific application listing from ul for use as a window sprinkler. Standard spray sprinklers are comprised of two responses. Tyco model ws specific application window sprinklers described herein must be installed and maintained in compliance with this document, as well as with the applicable standards recognized by the approval agency, in addition to the standards of any author ities having jurisdiction. The issue a and b window type exposure protection sprinklers are intended for spraying water on window glazing at prescibed spacings and sprinkler locations at a minimum discharge pressure of 7 psi 0,48 bar.

The tyco model cws window sprinkler is a specific application sprinkler that is a costeffective alternative to firerated glass. However, nfpa should be consulted for the proper installation and spacing of the model v10 window sprinklers. Rapid response rcp1 control panel pdf manual download. Tyco fire protection products, 1400 pennbrook parkway, lansdale, pa 19446, tel. If the valve housing is predrilled with a 12 npt for installation of a monitoring switch, remove the 12 plug and fully open the valve. Johnson controls introduces tyco concealed window sprinkler. Feb 03, 2019 window style sprinklers by tyco can provide up to a 2hour rating for a fire barrier. Installation of sprinkler systems 20 edition this edition of nfpa, standard for the installation of sprinkler systems, was prepared by the technical committee on hanging and bracing of waterbased fire protection systems, private water supply piping systems, residential sprinkler systems, sprinkler system discharge. The window sprinkler installation diagram shown on page 3 represents a typical installation for the protection of glass windows. Model ws specific application window sprinklers horizontal.

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