Exo sehun on crack jokes

Get your free kpop merch here save 15% off your order with discount code chanyeoldelight part 1 of exo inside jokes. Lately, im kind of obsessed with any type of crack vids especially those exo crack vids by kyungroro and bangtan crack by sleepysuga u have to check em out srsly. All the times exos suhos dad jokes are better than your. Exo, one of the most popular kpop groups performing today, spoke to teen vogue about their journey and what theyre looking forward to in the coming years. So, looks like our fandom has new fav joke once again click here to view the tweet click here to view the tweet click here to view the tweet click here to view the. Exos scenario im fat exos scenario im fat kai on crack chen on crack lay on crack baekhyun on crack.

This contains a lot of sarcastic and sexual jokes, dont take it seriously songs. Exo s sehun recently appeared on happy together 4 and couldnt help but tease yoo jae suk. Exo s reaction to you snapping on another member xiumin. If you dont like any type of sarcastic sexual jokes or if youre a very. Exos reaction to you snapping on another member all k. Completed 125 jokes and 5 scenarios exo random jokes hope you. Exos leader suho is known for his dad jokes, which the members are. After a long day of work he comes home to relax and have cuddles with you. The november 8 episode of kbs 2tvs happy together 4 was a sm entertainment special.

Exos sehun jokes that he hasnt been able to move because. Exo sehun funny, cute, vines moments part 1 thank you for watching. If you get offended by any type of sexual jokes and stuff please dont. Lol exo funny joke oh sehun funny meme funny memes about life, funny kpop memes. You two were having dinner together today and it seemed kind of awkward so to lighten up the mood you tell a joke the suho had said to you a. Ive been inactive for a bit again but i have some more video ideas and new videos coming soon so hopefully i can start posting more.

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